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Body in the Library Competition
by YJB Teacher - Monday, 17 May 2010, 8:54 AM
Report from the North Wales Weekly News:

“The investigation is complete and the police are able to confirm that the victim was Mr Sweet, a teacher at Ysgol John Bright. He was bludgeoned to death with a hockey stick by fellow teacher Mr. Whitham. It seems that they had some shady dealings together, and Mr. Sweet was about to grass on his partner in crime. The incident having been witnessed by a school cleaner, meant the police were able to make a swift arrest. It is hoped that the school can now get back to normal after this unpleasant episode.”

Don’t worry, all completely fictitious, of course. Thanks to Mr Sweet and Mr Whitham for agreeing to have their names used. We had lots of correct solutions, congratulations to all those named below, who can come and collect a lolly from the library. An overall winner was picked out by Dr. Hulme, and the lucky person is Rosie Jones in 7Y.

1st prize: Rosie Jones 7Y

Runners up:
Reubens Sydall 7G John Rodrigues 7J
Sian Calder 7G Adriana Soja 7J
Louis Whiting 7G George Griffiths 7J
Dale Jones 7G Jack Lloyd 7J
Christopher Hill 7G Adam Wilkes 7J
Alika Hodge 7G HannahO’Rourke 7Y
Janita Pucell 7H Jamie Leigh Gallagher 7Y
Abbie Brown 7H Ella Millband 7Y
Indeah Whelan 7H James Peacock 7Y
Victoria Barnes 7H Abbie McCarthy 7Y
Jemma Staveley 7H Thomas Corbett 7Y
Ceri Jones 7H Rosie Owen 8J
Lauren Evans 7H Heidi Rogers 8N
Jordan Brinkman 7H Jordan Arrowsmith 10J
Trudy Williams 7N Ben Irving 13G
Bethan Williams-Jones 7R Kathryn Arrowsmith 7R
Emma Williams 7R

An entry from ‘Rebecca’ 7Y has no surname, please identify your paper.