Here you'll find  a copy of the home learning tasks for each week, and any other resources needed to complete the work.  

The key for this course is music

Here you'll learn about the Classical period in preparatio for the Aural paper. 

Here are some useful links and excersies to help you prepare for the aural paper at AS level.

The origins of many dramatic film scores can be found in the Russian Tradition of stage music. This course focuses on the significant changes and developments in Russian Ballet Music at the end of the nineteenth century, paricularly studying the work of Tchaikovsky, and Stravinsky - the father of modern music.

MU1's first area of study is an investigation of musical elements, structures and resources through the study of Baroque Instrumental Music looking at keyboard writing as well as music for solo instruments.

Performing and making music is an important element of Music as a subject and counts for 30% of the AS Music course.  This Moodle unit will guide you through what is expected of you as a performer on the AS Music course.

These listening exercises will help you to revise for the Musical Theatre unit of AS work.