Year 7 Courses

The ICT CORE lessons are the Year 7 lessons that will provide you with the skills to stay safe when using the internet. They will teach you how to save your work into correctly named folders. You will also learn many vauable skills, to use the correct software when you want to create graphic designs or make a graph using a spreadsheet. All these skills are very imprortant for you to be a success in year 7 & 8 and right through until you leave school.

There are 6 units all together, there are 2 units every term. There are two lessons per week and one will be dedicated to ICT CORE skills and the other lesson will be used to gain the evidence towards achieving an Essential Skills Wales certificate at Level 1.

Good Luck everyone!

Here you will learn the skills you need to create your own webpage

Use your excel skills here to help Orme's sport sort out their finances

Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about